In our ZTA sisterhood, your daughter has found a place that she can call her second home; this is more than just a sisterhood, this is family. We treat each other with respect, integrity, support, and most importantly love. Each and every Zeta is resilient, beautiful, strong, and intelligent. All of these traits which you have taught your daughter have helped shape her into the Zeta woman she is today. We are so lucky to be able to call your daughter a Zeta, and for that, we thank you, and would love to have you be a part of the ZTA experience as well! We have events such as Mom’s Day and Dad’s day, where you get to spend quality time bonding with your daughter and other families! This is an excellent way to see just how strong our sisterhood is and what ZTA is all about. It is an honor to have your daughter be a part of the sisterhood known as Zeta Tau Alpha, and we are endlessly thankful for the support you've given which has made her success possible.

Health and Safety Matters

ZTA cares about the health and safety of your student. As a parent or guardian, we know this can be at the forefront of your mind as your student is on campus. ZTA has many resources and programs for collegians and for you as parents to support health and safety. Find ZTA’s policies here.

Hazing has no place in either the ZTA experience or any other club, team or organization. ZTA designed this short, online course for parents and guardians who have students of any age from grade school through college. It includes a video with perspectives of parents who lost their sons to hazing, discusses what hazing is, the warning signs of hazing and how to talk to your child as well as resources on hazing prevention. You can find this interactive course here.

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